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Some Comments for my Couple who returned recently from their Hawaii Honeymoon

"Our honeymoon was absolutely spectacular! It literally could not have gone better. Thank you infinitely for all of your help with everything! Everything was booked and organized flawlessly and your organization made it incredibly easy for us to relax and just be together without having to worry about a single thing! So thank you, from the absolute bottom of our hearts. Also, thank you for the beach mat! That was very handy to have when Anna and I lounged on the sand together. And the car, oh my goodness! I cannot even express how thankful I am that we had that driver pick us up from the airport! It was such a nice surprise and so incredibly necessary. You made everything perfect for us and we cannot thank you enough! My father took a whole bunch of photos of us getting into the sedan at the airport, I will reach out to him now to ask that he send those over to you.

Thank you again for everything. It truly was an amazing honeymoon!


Kyle "

See my "About" page for my latest update about my recent trip to Jamaica and Sandals resorts, then check out the Gallery for updated photos!!!  

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